Hello, and Welcome!

I hope you are discovering favorite ways of moving and dancing.  If Tap Dance has ever interested you, I invite you take one of my classes.  You will learn about rhythm, timing, history and have fun and de-stress at the same time!  LET’S SHUFFLE!

My dance training at Helene Charisse Dance Studio in Indianapolis, IN included dances and rhythms from many cultures.  My teacher’s family emigrated from France and the vaudeville tradition. I taught ballet jazz and tap for my studio through high school and college.

After college and moving to Cincinnati, OH, I danced with Z-Jazz, a jazz and tap company.  I also took classes with all the modern dancers coming into town through Contemporary Dance Theater.  I began to focus more on tap and took classes with some of the greats:  Gregory Hines, Brenda Bufalino, Buster Brown, Savion Glover, Dianne Walker and Ohioans, Sharon Leahy and Joe Deer.  All my teachers have instilled in me the desire to pass on the history and musicality of this uniquely American art form.